Non-Repeating Pattern

That’s sounds like a contradiction of terms.

If it is non-repeating, then how can a pattern be discerned?

Let me show you.

In Genesis 17:6, when over a million Israelites, at the beginning of the exodus, had no water to drink, God told Moses to strike the rock.

In Numbers 20:8, towards the end of the exodus, when the people again needed water to drink, God told Moses to speak to the rock.

In Joshua 6:10, God’s instruction to Israel was to march around Jericho and, for the first six days to not offer up a shout, a war cry.

In Judges 7:18, God instructed that the 300 men with Gideon, as they “surrounded 120,000 Midianites,” were to blow their trumpets and shout at the start of the battle.

Very seldom does God do the exact same thing in exactly the same manner.

I wonder if it is because He wants to be in such intimate relationship with you and me that we are leaning in to Him, eyes and ears open, to receive moment-by-moment instruction.

We are so anxious to be in charge of our own destiny that the minute we think we detect a pattern to what and how God works in our lives we are ready to solder it in and run that “play” the next time we are in a similar need.

Whole denominations have been developed over less… repeating and codifying what God intended to be a one-off miracle.

Patterns prevent us from eagerly seeking and anticipating God to make Himself known in new ways each day.

Let’s draw near to the Lord, confident that He will draw near to us, direct us, instruct us and lead us with a fresh word, day by day, into His divine purposes for our lives.

That’s the pattern… repeated every day.