People of His Presence

I had a quick thought I wanted to share with you today!

It is a thought borne out of the reality that God has called Westgate Chapel to be a community experiencing, ministering and living in the reality of the presence of the Lord.

As a community, we seek each day to make room in our lives to focus our affections on God, His desires and His kingdom through worship, His word and prayer. And we know that as we turn our hearts upon him we should expect to experience the witness of His manifested presence resting upon our lives.

It is then, out of our “secret place,” that we go into the world living in the reality of the living God as we encounter people and the circumstances of life. As we go out we should always be seeking to stay aware of the His presence guiding and directing us.

Now to my “quick thought”:)!

I heard a speaker this morning reminding us that we have to be aware to not allow any circumstance or reality to become bigger than our awareness of God’s presence resting upon us.

What he was saying is that we can allow a presenting problem or “reality” in life to become more impressive than the reality of God’s presence in our lives.

Let me give a few examples…

Are the events on the news disturbing us and are they becoming bigger that the awareness of God’s presence? Then let’s turn it off and ask the Lord for the truth of His abiding presence and His work.

As we are going to pray for someone in the hospital, are we allowing the reality of sickness and death to grow bigger than our awareness of the power and presence of God? If so, we can stop and find a “secret place” right in our cars where the awareness of God’s presence and the reality of His healing power again grow bigger than the circumstance. We then go as a priest ministering the reality of the presence of God to the person we are praying for.

Are we overwhelmed by the choices our children or even unsaved family members are making to the point that they seem bigger that the awareness of the presence of God resting upon our lives? It is time to take time with the Lord, on the spot, and come back into the awareness and reality of God’s presence and the power of prayers prayed in His presence.

So what I am exhorting us to today is this….

With all God is calling us to in our community, and with all the craziness of our world right now, we have to daily guard our peace and the reality of God’s presence upon us.

Are we watching something or concentrating on a problem that is quickly becoming bigger than our awareness of God’s presence upon us….?

If we are, then it is time to turn away from the thing we are becoming impressed with and re-focus our attention.

We invite God’s presence to make us aware of the reality of The One who is on the throne and is leading and guiding His ministers and priests out into the highways and byways bringing His kingdom.

Blessings now and forevermore!

Pastor Chris