The Revival We Need

The Revival We NeedWe live in a generation where spiritual leaders have no personal experience of an outpouring of God’s Spirit – the kind that sweeps thousands of unsaved into the kingdom of God. So, we need to identify the target for revival….what are we aiming for?

One of the stages along the pathway to revival is a vision that develops in a core of believers concerning what could be. This vision inspires a protracted ministry of prayer. The Revival We Need, written about 90 years ago, will provide the vision of what could be and the inspiration to pray. You cannot read it without becoming a part of that core of believers who have been launched into prolonged prayer for revival.

This book affirms that God can move once again with power. Join us in the journey – read and take hope.

Alec Rowlands
Senior Pastor
Author of The Presence, Experiencing More of God

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