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Guidelines to Leading an Effective Prayer Meeting

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Why Prayer Meetings?

“(Prayer Meetings) are what set the foundation for Sunday. It’s why worship is good. It’s why the Word is so effectively preached.”


“(Prayer meetings) planted a seed in my life to go after Jesus.”


“Prayer Meeting is a collection of Kairos moments where God connects with his people.”


“The Holy Spirit’s presence is amazing! God shows up and meets us here.”



Minus the Manifest Presence of God

One of my favorite places to go, when I visit Israel, is Shiloh. It’s where the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant rested for the first 360 years of Israel’s occupation of the Promised Land. The Ark of the Covenant has enormous historical significance. Archaeologists and theologians alike have been looking for it and […]

Warning to Worship Leaders Everywhere

When I was growing up in South Africa in the 1960’s most worship service planners called everything before the sermon, “preliminaries.” That word conveyed what everyone was thinking in those days… that the main attraction in the worship service was the sermon and everything else simply a warm-up to the main feature. Somewhere between the […]

Can God Work Without You?

Well, the answer is a resounding yes! He can! God can do whatever He wants whenever He wants. He doesn’t need us or any thing to complete His being or His doing. So, then, exactly what is the nature of the partnership we have been called into with God ever since creation in the accomplishment […]

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