Reviving Jesus’ Ailing Bride

It strikes me this morning, how cunning is our enemy, to push us to distracting and time-wasting extremes in our faith walk… all under the guise of “correcting” something that, in reality, doesn’t really need fixing.

I know that was a long sentence but bear with me.

I’m hearing a whole lot of “God is loving and kind and gracious” talk (which He is), but it is being presented as an urgent correction for “God is full of wrath and judgement for sin” talk (which He also is) attributed to the present-day Church.

The problem I see with this is that the medicine being prescribed is for a patient that doesn’t have that illness.

Not a good idea.

I admit I’m not in touch with a wide spectrum of churches in our nation, but I haven’t heard judgment and wrath anywhere for decades.

It’s a straw man argument.

Are we trying to correct a malady that doesn’t exist and, in the process, actually sicken the church with a medication that will eventually induce paralysis and death?

Does love and grace have any meaning outside of deserved wrath and judgment? Will wrath and judgment have any effect without love and grace?

Maybe we should stop tilting at windmills and prescribe a full-spectrum medication to revive Jesus’ ailing Bride?

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