The Presence: Experiencing More of God


In The Presence, Alec shares what he has learned about the God who invites us into an encounter that C.S. Lewis likened to meeting an untamed lion. Whose very presence overwhelms our senses and transforms our lives. Who draws near and changes everything, including the way we think about God.

As you read The Presence, you’ll realize anew that God is good. He is powerful. He is here.


Have you settled for far less of God than He wants to reveal? Do you feel close to God in your everyday life… or does He too often seem distant and silent? Maybe, like many Christians, you live somewhere between those two extremes. You occasionally sense God’s presence, but at other times feel as if He’s a million miles away.

The wonder of closeness with God is available to you here and now. In The Presence, Alec Rowlands reveals the ways God makes His presence known, how you can prepare for it, and how experiencing it will transform everything. As you draw near to God―as you are consumed by His love and your life is rearranged by His grace―you’ll find fulfillment, purpose, and an unmatched sense of adventure. If you’re feeling a hunger for more of God, you are already on your way to discovering: He is good. He is powerful. He is here.

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