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Guidelines to Leading an Effective Prayer Meeting

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Why Prayer Meetings?

“(Prayer Meetings) are what set the foundation for Sunday. It’s why worship is good. It’s why the Word is so effectively preached.”


“(Prayer meetings) planted a seed in my life to go after Jesus.”


“Prayer Meeting is a collection of Kairos moments where God connects with his people.”


“The Holy Spirit’s presence is amazing! God shows up and meets us here.”



Stay or Go

I am currently being inspired by the accounts of ministers from the Church of Scotland (Presbyterian) re: revival and, specifically, the condition of the church immediately right before the Kilsyth revival of 1839. It’s like I am reading the condition of the church in North America right now. Then, in my reading this morning, in […]

More From Scotland

I recently picked up a reprint of a series of lectures published in Scotland by ministers reflecting on the revival that had just swept through the churches there in 1839. The book was published in 1840, so their reflections were fresh in their minds. One of the subjects they cover is the condition of the […]

Revival Stories

It was Jonathan Edwards who first capitalized on the capabilities of the publishing world, as it existed in New England in the mid-1700’s, to let the rest of the world in on the outpouring of the Spirit in his church in Northampton, Massachusetts. Some of those published accounts made it all the way to England, […]

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