Fix Your Focus

There’s so much fear out there.

The principal sent out an email last week that a jogger had been attacked in our town so we should warn our kids to be careful on their way to school. The news reported that a child just died of the flu. Then, I see a list of potential materials being recommended to educators for use in classrooms covering topics that no child should have to process without trusted family sitting right next to them.

So much to be afraid of.

And yet, I have this strong sense that God is raising up a strong generation in our children stronger than we ever were. I remember Christine Caine preaching once that God is not surprised by our culture or nervous for our survival. Rather, He intends us to thrive as the kingdom of God bringing light to a dark world.

Instead of rehearsing our anxieties, what if, we shifted our focus? What if we started declaring over our babies this morning that they too are MORE THAN CONQUERERS in Christ Jesus? What if we trust that they have a Father who watches over their every step more closely than we ever could? What if we live like fear will not rule them or us because God’s promises are sure? What if we took Isaiah 54 at face value and were assured of the inheritance of protection from harm?

God’s destiny for this generation doesn’t mean there won’t be battles. Their divine protection doesn’t mean there won’t be wounds… but there won’t be harm… in Jesus name!

As adults, as mothers and fathers in the Kingdom of God, we have a mandate to cover them in prayer, to speak words of life over them, to create safe environments for them to learn, talk and explore who they are in Christ. We have a mandate to magnify what God is doing, not rehearse anxieties and fear!

It is time to fix your focus! There is promise of a great awakening coming to earth in our day. As we draw near and cultivate His presence in our lives, our children will not grow up under a shadow of or shrinking from a godless culture but they will grow up reflecting the brightest glory of the Presence of the Lord. In Jesus’ name!!