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Guidelines to Leading an Effective Prayer Meeting

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Why Prayer Meetings?

“(Prayer Meetings) are what set the foundation for Sunday. It’s why worship is good. It’s why the Word is so effectively preached.”


“(Prayer meetings) planted a seed in my life to go after Jesus.”


“Prayer Meeting is a collection of Kairos moments where God connects with his people.”


“The Holy Spirit’s presence is amazing! God shows up and meets us here.”


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Fix Your Focus

There’s so much fear out there. The principal sent out an email last week that a jogger had been attacked in our town so we should warn our kids to be careful on their way to school. The news reported that a child just died of the flu. Then, I see a list of potential […]

What is Revival?

Used to be that the subject of revival drew little interest in the nation. It was thought by most to be irrelevant, given the current popularity of a more subdued, rational approach to the Christian faith. A few ridiculed the notion, based on the unfortunate excesses that have attended most of the history of true […]

The Same Battle… Two Opposite Responses

  I have nothing against consultants. How’s that for an opening statement? The issue I have is with church leadership that finds itself in crisis and, as their first response, calls in a consultant because they don’t know what to do. So, the consultant arrives with their bag of tricks, tools for analysis, underlying philosophies […]

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