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Power of a Heart Cry

When a tragedy happens, most look for ways to support and help. When it's a friend or family member, you might bring a meal or ...

Pastors Praying

Olympic Peninsula Pastors’ Prayer Gathering

Gordy Haddad from the Olympic Peninsula area has invited Pastor Alec Rowlands and the Church Awakening Team to partner with him in ...


You CAN handle the Truth

First century Corinth had many gods, many religions, and many philosophies about life...many ways to god. You could choose your ...

The Great Divide

The Great Divide

The homeboy got invited to speak at the very synagogue he had spent time in as a boy. He would have been interrogated by the elders in that very building, regarding his understanding of the Scriptures, before his bar mitzvah. He had been gone for some time. Now he had come home. Reports about ...

Love Equal Repentance Picture

Love = Repentance

Reading Luke 7 this morning, specifically Jesus’ reaction to the sinful woman at Simon the Pharisee’s house. No water to wash Jesus’ feet. No warm greeting welcoming Him to dinner. No oil or fragrance to refresh Him. This was more than an oversight. Simon actually showed his disdain ...

Charles Spurgeon

Still Standing After All These Years

I am a history buff. And I may even be willing to admit that I am a romantic. By romantic I mean it is not hard for me to close my eyes in significant historical sites and imagine the things that happened there. It has been my privilege to stand in Holy Trinity church, in St. Andrews, ...

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A Lesson from John Wesley

The spiritual condition of England, right before the great 18th century awakening, was worse than what we are facing in America today. Interestingly, the social commentators of that day are quoted as laying the blame at the feet of "passionlessness in the pulpit." Historian, A. Skevington Wood, ...