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I Come From Him

Jesus spoke these words in the temple court, during one of His visits to Jerusalem. The last time he had been in the city he had ...

If WE Confess

Foothold for the Devil

It is curious to me that Satan has to ask Jesus permission to come against Peter, enticing him eventually to deny Jesus, but just a ...


Why A People?

From the moment God called Abram to follow Him, out of the desert of Haran to the land of promise, God's intention was to have for ...

Sunset 1

Peace, What Is It?

Whenever we hear the word, peace, we tend to think of the word mainly in the negative...that peace is the absence of conflict or war. But, in the original languages of the Bible, the literal meaning of the word, shalom, translated, peace, in English, is “to be whole or complete.” * ...in contrast ...

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Power of a Heart Cry

When a tragedy happens, most look for ways to support and help. When it's a friend or family member, you might bring a meal or send flowers or write a thoughtful note. But when the tragedy is outside of your normal sphere, it's a little harder. What do you do? You empathize with the pain. You are ...

Pastors Praying

Olympic Peninsula Pastors’ Prayer Gathering

Gordy Haddad from the Olympic Peninsula area has invited Pastor Alec Rowlands and the Church Awakening Team to partner with him in hosting a Pastors' Prayer Gathering for Pastors throughout the Olympic Peninsula Region. This Pastors/Leaders Prayer Gathering will be held on: Thursday, July 28, ...


You CAN handle the Truth

First century Corinth had many gods, many religions, and many philosophies about life...many ways to god. You could choose your favorite god, worship at your favorite temple...some offered pretty exotic celebrations. You could get together with other thinkers like you in the town square and argue ...