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WGC Prayer Meeting 5

First Seek the Lord, Part 1

Dear Reader, While this particular message is addressed to Westgate Chapel, where Alec Rowlands is the pastor, you may find that ...

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Our Call to Prayer – Part 2

There are many examples throughout the Bible of people who made prayer a huge priority in their lives. Throughout Scripture we see ...

WGC Prayer Meeting 2

Our Call to Prayer

….and we are His house if indeed we hold firmly to our confidence and the hope in which we glory. Hebrews 3:6 We cannot let go of ...


Barcode Christianity

If you peeled the grocery store barcode sticker off a banana, stuck it on an orange, and ran that orange through the checkout scanner…it would read “banana” on the cashier’s register even though it would be plain to anyone observing that it was an orange and not a banana. The only thing that ...

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A Bible reading plan can be a good thing or a bad thing. Any plan can become legalistic, laborious and will end up being tedious if it becomes the main thing or an end in itself. This can happen very easily and sometimes without even being aware that you have ceased being thrilled about hearing ...

Rowlands Family

Joshua for My Grandchildren

I realize that everyone is different, but on our family vacations we like to do very little. We bring books to read, play golf a few times, but most of all Rita and I enjoy having our devotions together...something we seldom get to do in our normal schedule. We get up at the same time, fix breakfast, ...


Proceed Directly to His Council Chamber

I had the luxury of spending the whole morning in my study today. I alerted staff and family and turned off my cell phone. And, no surprise, the Lord was already in the study waiting for me. One of my scheduled readings for today from the prophets “happened” to be Jeremiah 23. I have always found ...