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Guidelines to Leading an Effective Prayer Meeting

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Why Prayer Meetings?

“(Prayer Meetings) are what set the foundation for Sunday. It’s why worship is good. It’s why the Word is so effectively preached.”


“(Prayer meetings) planted a seed in my life to go after Jesus.”


“Prayer Meeting is a collection of Kairos moments where God connects with his people.”


“The Holy Spirit’s presence is amazing! God shows up and meets us here.”



Running From Thorns

2018 broke heavy on Rita and me. We were on a short break down in Arizona, between Christmas and New Year, to recoup from the craziness of the December schedule. I’m sure every pastor feels that way. Some time New Year’s Eve we got word of a sewer problem back home. We immediately called a […]

Parking Spaces or Nothing

It was not just for Jeremiah’s benefit that God said to him, “Call to Me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known” (Jeremiah 33:3). After all, Jeremiah was already a prophet of the Lord, and God had already been speaking great and hidden things […]

Rocking the Boat

My adult daughters and sons-in-law do their best to keep my social media posts positive, but there are times, when I see the City of God being deceived, that I cannot be silent. One of my readings this morning was 1 Samuel 28, where Samuel was dead, and Saul, facing a formidable Philistine army at […]

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