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Beware the Trojan Horse

Rita and I don't have many week nights at home to watch TV. So when we do, and there's no football or basketball game to watch, we ...


No Small Thing

As a kid, growing up in South Africa in the early '60's, I remember hearing about everything being bigger and better in ...


Decisions: Common Sense or God

By the time Jacob leaves his mother and father's home as a young adult, he has no personal relationship with God, which is sad in ...


Beginning With The End in Mind

So, I saw some things this morning in Genesis 22, that I knew were there...but never in the level of detail as I saw this morning. It's the story of Abraham taking Isaac up Mt Moriah to sacrifice him. 1. It was God's idea and at His initiation. "For God so loved the world that He gave..." ...


Making America Great Again?

Rita and I attend a Nazarene church pastored by a good friend, Tharon Daniels, when we are visiting in Arizona. Tharon's sermon this morning was so compelling, from Jeremiah 29, that I am compelled to share the highlights with you in this blog. Jeremiah wrote a letter to the exiles, living in ...

Ruins of Sodom & Gomorrah

“No Kidding”

The whole story surrounding Sodom and Gomorrah intrigues me. There are so many levels of story going on, and all seem to have application to our lives today. First, there is Abraham's concern that God was preparing judgment on the sin of Sodom. One of Abraham's three heavenly visitors, believed to ...


The Enemy of God’s Will

This story blows my mind every time I read it. Most of the people of God have already been taken captive and are in exile in Babylon...God’s judgment for insisting on worshiping idols. There is only a rag-tag remnant left in the land. They are the last, the lost and the least. But not to ...